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Meet Blubo Opoku, a level 200 student studying Business Information Technology Management! Blubo was born in Nkonya, in the Volta Region of Ghana. Blubo grew up living with her parents and three siblings. From a young age, Blubo’s parents taught her that higher education is important to achieve her higher dreams.

Without receiving a scholarship to Heritage Christian College, Blubo could not attend a university even with the assistance of family and part-time work. She needed additional help. By receiving a scholarship to HCC, Blubo has gained the “energy to study and become the project manager [she] want’s to be in the future,” as the primary purpose of her scholarship is for tuition. Blubo chose to study Business IT Management because she enjoys project management because it is associated with risk management.

By studying Business IT Management, I know I will become very useful to the society by bridging the gap between business and IT.

After graduation, Blubo plans on starting her own business as a project manager and project consultant. Her goal is to help others who cannot afford higher education. Without a college education in Ghana, individuals have few opportunities and end up being street vendors or help their parents. “I have a lot of peers who are not attending college and I would like to help them and others in the same situation one day.”

-Thank you so much for your donations and God richly bless you so you can continue to help others. ~ Blubo

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