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Meet Christiana Ladzro, a level 100 student studying Marketing! Christiana grew up in Accra with her mother, father and five siblings. As the oldest child, Christiana wanted to set an exemplary life for her siblings to follow.

Had Christiana not received a scholarship to Heritage Christian College, she would be teaching full time during the week, and attending college on the weekends. Because of her scholarship, it has enabled her to concentrate on her studies. Before receiving a scholarship, Christiana’s plan was to try to find a job and go to a university part-time on the weekend. She was stressed and struggling to figure out how to attain her dreams. The scholarship she received from HCC provided needed tangible help.

The donation to HCC has given me a focused mind to concentrate on my studies to become what I want to be in the future.

Christiana chose to study Marketing to aid businesses in finding the best way to have good customer relations. This interests Christiana because she enjoys interacting with people of different demographics. When Christiana starts her own business, her first priority is to provide jobs for others.

The quote “No situation is permanent, with determination and hard work bad situations can change (Akosua Asamoah),” reminds Christiana that when faced with an obstacle, she can overcome it. Christiana looks up to Akosua Asamoah, as she teaches not to give up on dreams and to live out your purpose in life.

I am so grateful and glad for your donation. Thank you very much, God richly please you. ~ Christiana

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