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Meet Oxford Afful, a level 300 student studying Accounting! Oxford is from Accra, Ghana where he has lived with his grandmother and three aunts since he was two years old. Before having the opportunity to attend college, Oxford’s plan was to open a barber shop in his neighborhood, as job opportunities without college degree’s are limited.

Oxford would like to be an accountant. The idea of a degree and a career in accounting seemed a distant and unattainable dream. Receiving a scholarship to attend Heritage Christian College has allowed him to dream BIG and focus on his education and aspirations. After HCC, Oxford plans to start his own business as an accounting consultant. “I want to specialize in auditing. I will start my business in Accra since the demand for auditing services are high in demand of the numerous and different institutions. “

A scholarship to HCC will keep me focused on my education and my future aspirations of becoming an accountant since it will release some burden from me from thinking of how to pay for my tuition.

Oxford’s hero is Professor David Tweedie at HCC. Oxford looks up to Professor Tweedie because of his impact on IASB and for advocating for the global adoption of transparency, accountability and efficiency in accounting.

Oxford recently read¬†Reformed Rascal,¬†and it showed him that no matter how difficult a situation is, he can still attain his dreams. “If I have a clear vision, I can attain it with determination and work.”

I am very grateful for your donation and I wish you get back tenfold of what you’ve donated to continue what you do for us. ~ Oxford

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