It’s Within Your Power

October marks the beginning of the school year at Heritage Christian College in Ghana, West Africa, and your contribution to the scholarship program at HCC can be the lift that makes all the difference in a student’s life.

  • Help advance the cause of Christ in a developing nation
  • Help a student-entrepreneur create jobs and transform an under-employed society
  • Be part of the #AfricaRising phenomenon and help Africa take charge of its destiny!

Your help is vital, uplifting and deeply appreciated.

At HCC USD $5,000 per year covers:

  • tuition
  • books
  • laptop
  • room and board

A gift of $20,000 sponsors a “named” full scholarship. But a gift of any size makes a difference and instills hope.

Give Now to the HCC Scholarship Fund.

You will change a life and bless the Kingdom.

A scholarship is a hand up, not a hand-out. It’s a ray of hope, a humanitarian and Christian act in a place and time where such acts resound as they do nowhere else. Please give now.

What others say about the HCC difference:

“I have been able to see for myself the good that Samuel Twumasi and the people working with him have done at HCC. I’ve seen the profound impact that they are having, not only in Ghana, but across the continent of Africa.” ~Dr. Jerry Taylor, Bible Professor, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas

“…Those kids [who are not on tuition assistance] were struggling with their school bills… do you know what they were doing? Skipping meals. They were so determined to stay at Heritage that they skipped the meals so they could keep paying their school bills. This is no joke – I didn’t know about this. That’s when I realized, we’ve got to give them assistance. We’ve got to.” ~ Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, President of Heritage Christian College

“In Ghana right now, there is high unemployment. These formidable students, if they were not able to get these scholarships, could [otherwise] be ending up on the streets.”  ~ HCC upperclassman Ezekiel Amevor