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Meet Timothy Awuku, a level 200 student studying Business Information Technology Management. Timothy grew up in Detsawome, a part of the Volta Region in Ghana. He lived with his parents and four siblings. Growing up, Timothy’s family struggled with bills. His parents made it a priority that he and his siblings attended school; the burden stretched them financially. After Timothy’s Senior High School final exams, his results were not released to him because he still owed money. “I almost gave up pursuing tertiary education to go find a low-class job to do. Fortunately, I met people who were willing to help me pursue tertiary education and these people taught me never to give up in education but to continue to strive to attain my educational goals.”

Receiving a scholarship to Heritage Christian College has opened doors to opportunities he and his parents could not open on their own; he can now attend a university, a very unique university, HCC. Getting a scholarship has helped Timothy focus on his education and has helped him focus on upcoming examinations to be an Information Security Expert.

A scholarship to HCC relieved me of stress for paying some of my tuition and relieved my guardians of helping with my tuition, accommodation and food.

Timothy wants to establish an IT business to help employ more individuals and help them receive financial aid so they can pursue their life goals. Timothy loves the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, as it has showed him how situations change and that it is okay to take risks to be a successful entrepreneur.

-I am so glad for the donations and I appreciate what you have done for the students of HCC. May God continue to bless you for your handy work. ~ Timothy

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